Why choose a personalized story book with the name of your child?

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Rebecca, Samuel, Chris, Sarah, Matthew… Our name is the first gift from our parents, the first thing we possess- sometimes even before birth.

The name of a person is a big part of their life, our names set us apart and contribute to our personality. For parents, choosing the baby’s name is not usually a trivial matter, most devoted parents spend many months making lists, assessing options and finally deciding how they will call their child when it is time to enter the world.

Personalized children’s stories, a way to encourage reading

When it comes to learning how to read, the first letters a child recognises are their own letters, the ones of their name. Personalized children books make reading something magical and special, adding an extra motivation for children to reach the end. By customising the story, children generate a personal link to the book and are more interested in reading. Page by page, the child discovers endearing characters and lives magical adventures in which they are the protagonists.

A magical journey to discover the meaning of his name

Has your child ever asked why they are called how they are called? Thanks to the personalized storybook ‘The Magic of my Name’, they can now discover the meaning of their name. A for Affable, B for Bright, R for Reliable or T for Tolerant… To discover their name at the end of the book and all the wonderful adjectives which describe it, is a beautiful surprise for children!

Creating a personalized story on our website is quick and easy:

  1. Visit the website of The Magic of my Name and enter the name of the child, select the gender and select the skin/hair colour.
  1. Add a personal message to whom you would like to give the personalized story.
  1. Access the full preview of the book
  1. Add it to the basket and complete the following steps to complete your purchase. In a few days you will receive our magical personalized story!

Let the magic be with you!

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