Summer Activities for Children

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Many parents have been juggling to combine work and our children’s vacations for weeks, while getting them to have fun and spending quality time with them over the summer. What kinds of activities can we do with the kids during the summer holidays? Here we provide you with some ideas so that the kids have fun and enjoy and unforgettable summer.


Discover the city

If you’re staying in the city, there is nothing better than taking the opportunity to walk around with the children, showing them all of your favorite spots and all of the hidden gems. There are many guides on the internet which help you to discover the history of the city, along with many interesting stories, facts and anecdotes, the kids will love to discover it all!


Water balloons

No list of children’s summer activities could be complete without the mention of some sort of water game. Although the beach or the swimming pool are lots of fun, they can be very far away. A patio, park or garden however, is the perfect location for a water balloon fight!


Family excursions

Day trips are a perfect way to escape from the city and for kids to have a great time. There are thousands of places where you can enjoy a lovely day in the fresh air with all of the family. From nature walks, horse rides, visiting nearby farms or some sort of adventure sport, there are thousands of excursions which would be fun for the whole family.


Planning a trip

If you are planning a family trip, involve the kids in the preparations so that they can learn some facts and stories about your destination. In the weeks leading up to the trip, encourage them to look for information about the place and to write or draw the sites that they would like to visit once you are all there. They will love to feel involved in the whole process and it will also help their planning and organization skills!


A day at the amusement park

For almost anyone, of almost any age, hearing the word “amusement park” makes your heart skip a beat. Spend a day going up and down roller coasters, splashing down the log flumes and crashing into each other on the bumper cars! Kids are the best excuse to get to go to the amusement park!


Let’s make blackberry jam!

Who has not gone to pick blackberries when they were little?! While we wouldn’t recommend letting the kids stick their hands straight into the brambles because of all of the thorns, they would love to help wash and squish the berries in order to prepare some delicious homemade jam.


A day for little chefs

Baking cookies and cakes or preparing homemade fruit sorbets will become one of the favorite activities of the kids this summer. It is a great idea for them to learn to prepare their own snacks and learn the basics of cooking!


Body painting

Whether it is on the balcony, the terrace or the garden, children will enjoy a body painting session to the max (you can find online tutorials on how to do it at home). Our advice: do not forget to take pictures because you will get some priceless pictures!


We hope you liked our suggestions for summer activities for children!


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