My magical numbers, the personalized story that reveals the meaning of a special date

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Numbers are a part of our life from the moment that we are born… Numbers add, subtract, and provide us with references to everything that happens around us. For children, numbers are very important from the day they begin to understand their surroundings. The date of their birth, their age, the number of brothers or sisters…


“My Magical Numbers”, the second personalized book in the line from “My Magic Story”, offers a magical story based on a special date from the child’s life: their birthday, first day of school, the date of their communion… Each one of those numbers have a significant meaning which should be commemorated, and the children will discover this, page by page with “My Magical Numbers”.


A personalized story full of values

Throughout the story, children will not only learn to relate to their magical numbers, but they will also enjoy countless stories with high educational value. Values ​​such as companionship and the importance of sharing and kindness are coupled with the 4 seasons, the 5 senses, and the 7 notes of a musical scale.


Beautiful and colorful illustrations

No matter if the children are only just learning to read or if they are already avid readers, the beautiful and colorful illustrations within the book invite children of all ages to enjoy every page, regardless of their reading level. “My Magical Numbers” is recommended for children up to 10 years old.


Premium finish in softcover and hardcover

The books are available in two finishes, hard cover and soft cover, and are printed with ecological ink, on heavy paper and DIN A4 format. All of our books are super tough and fully child proof!


Discover the personalized story of “My Magical Numbers” here!



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