The Benefits of Personalized Coloring Books

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Children love to color and are very interested in canvases, colors, pencils and coloring books! Our personalized storybook line,, has just launched a brand new personalized coloring book that will thrill the kids.  Available in a convenient travel-friendly format (19.7cm x 17cm), it is suitable for carrying around everywhere. This book is the new coloring edition of the very popular “My Name is Great!”.

These are the 4 reasons why your child should have a personalized coloring book:


Improves motor skills

Numerous studies confirm that coloring is an excellent exercise to develop motor skills and eye-hand coordination. The fact that your child must follow within the lines means that they have to concentrate, which enhances the development of their motor skills.

Improves self-esteem

A personalized coloring book that contains the letters of their name, alongside an amazing characteristic is a fantastic tool to boost their self-esteem. Learning that they are bright, adorable or creative alongside coloring in their name will provide a great source of joy and satisfaction. Through the personalized storybook, we can also encourage and strengthen their attachment to their name, which helps to strengthen their sense of identity.

Stimulates concentration

The coloring books allow kids to have a more active role in their learning process, especially if they are still learning to spell their names. If your child has trouble concentrating or managing their emotions, coloring is the perfect and easy way to encourage concentration.

Helps to promote learning

Through coloring we have the opportunity to teach them new things and instill new knowledge. Through the personalized coloring book, kids can also expand their vocabulary with the positive attributes which are associated with each letter.  

 The coloring edition of the personalized book “My Name is Great” is an ideal book for kids who are learning to read. Each letter generates a unique and special story. Each page is a new adventure, waiting to be brought to life. Add a touch of color to the storybook that makes you the star of your own adventure.


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