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Creators of personalized bedtime stories

As we get older, we forget how to play, and we stop believing in Magic. But the children, those little and wonderful human beings that surprise us every day, still believe in it, creating in their little heads wonderful adventures in which they can be the protagonists. When we started this project, we decided to See life with the illusion and surprise of a child, and so “My Magic Story” was born.


Magic team of personalized children books | My magic story
My Magic Story it’s a personalized books line created by The Story Tailors. The formula of our personalized books is simple: Stories full of values + colorful and beautiful illustrations + positive attributes. Our mission is to convey to children the love for reading and to offer parents an educational and leisure tool at the same time. Thanks to all this, and to the level of personalization of each book, children will be able to live great adventures and unleash their imagination.

Not only the small ones of the house will enjoy our personalized stories, but the whole family will be part of unforgettable moments. The bed time story It’s never been so special!

This is how everything began…

What is the secret to create a special and unique personalized Children’s book? If we look back all the way to the year 2015, we would find a group of friends and partners with an exciting project on the table. There were many proposals, even more doubts, but one day the idea arose: what is the first gift that we get when we are born?
Team of creators of personalized stories
The founders and friends, Maria Rubies, Henrik and Holger Sprengel, Raul Garcia and Dirk Hampel

That way, we created “The Magic of My Name”, a personalised book that reveals to the kids, letter by letter, the meaning of their names. Each tale is original, each story is different from the others, its unique, as every boy and girl is.

Without a doubt, this is a special and magical gift that will make you all smile!


“The Magic of My Name” was a success among parents, mothers, grandparents, grandmothers, uncles and aunts…100,000 units sold during its first year of life! At present, the book is selling in 7 languages and sent to more than 70 countries.

Faithful to our spirit and our mission to create magical and endearing stories, new stories were born that continued leaving smiles among the little ones (and not so little ones) of the house. Our personalised stories are based on a sophisticated algorithm that lets you generate personalised stories with names or dates, as if by magic!


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