Original personalized gifts for future parents, babies and children

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Today we bring you a series of ideas to make original personalised gifts to surprise friends or family who are going to have a baby, your children or any other child. Do not miss them!


A handmade photo album


Is there an artist in you? If you have to make a personalized gift, nothing is better than do it yourself. In the market you can find plenty of beautiful photo albums, with recycled cardboard sheets, for example, which you can decorate and customize to the taste of the person who will receive it. Aquarelles, washi tape, scrapbooking … There are hundreds of possibilities! Future parents  will love putting the first pictures of their baby in an album as beautiful as this one.


Personalized cookies


Personalized cookies are too nice, it’s actually a shame to eat them! It is very easy to find places where personalised cookies are made for any event, either with drawings or text, or even with photos printed in edible ink. If you present them in a beautiful basket wrapped in cellophane paper, you will succeed!


A personalized story with the name of the boy or girl


Personalized books such as “The Magic of My Name” are ideal for new-borns or children who just started to read. Whether it is a boy or a girl, giving this personalized book in which they need to find their own name and discover the meaning of the letters, is a really special gift.

Personalized paintings painted by hand


Decorating the baby’s room is a very exciting period for most future parents. If you want to make an original gift, you will find many professional on the internet who are dedicated to the realization of hand-painted children’s paintings that will give the baby’s room a tender and colourful touch.


My first…


Children are very happy when they have to do or learn something new, especially when this is a step more to grow. An ideal gift is a set of plates, cups or glasses, cutlery with his/her name as soon as the child starts to eat “like grownups”. Also, when they start to write, it is nice to give them a personalized writing set, with pencils, notebooks and a case.


Check out our magic personalized books for children:



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