My child does not like their name!

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Christine, Ian, Noah, Pauline, Adrian… Our name is the first gift our parents give us, the first thing we may have heard, even before we were born. A name distinguishes us from the rest of the world and gives us personality. For parents, choosing the name of their baby is not usually a trivial matter, with many parents spending months creating lists, evaluating their options and deciding which name to give to their baby when they eventually arrive in the world.


Not all names are the same. Names can be traditional, modern, short, long, compound, or simply unusual. Often, when a child grows up, just as they do with many other things, they begin to question why their parents chose that particular name and not something else. This is especially common when the child starts going to school and their name may be unusual compared to that of their classmates.


What do I do if my child does not like their name?


What can parents do in this situation? Has your son or daughter ever asked you why you gave them that name? Have they ever said that they do not like to be called by their name? First of all, it is important to remain calm. Children go through many stages in which they rebel and question many things, this does not mean that they will hate their name throughout their entire life.


If you chose a specific name for your baby, you probably did it for a good reason: a beautiful meaning, the name of a relative you have a lot of love for, a place that is special to you… If your child has started to ask about their name, they are probably old enough to sit and listen to the special story behind it. It is important that your story makes your child feel special, that they understand that their name is not just a name, but something that carries a meaning that makes them unique.


This is the philosophy that we hold in our personalized book, The Magic of My Name, which gives a unique and special meaning to each letter of the child’s name. This book ensures that the child will not only feel like the protagonist of the story but will also learn the hidden meaning of their name, which will help them to value it and to feel proud of it.



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