Let’s read a bedtime story!

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Sharing a bedtime story with your children before going to sleep is a perfect activity to spend time with family and enjoy some quiet time. Jobs, household chores, school, extracurricular activities of children and other responsibilities… As parents, we can not always spend as much quality time as we would like with our children, so why not dedicate a short amount of time every night to spend reading a story before going to sleep?

After dinner, put on your pyjamas and brush your teeth- then it is time to choose a good story. It is best to let the kids choose their favourite story or what they fancy reading. If the kids have not yet learned the letters, nothing is better than mum or dad (or both!) reading the stories aloud; It will be even more fun if you imitate the voices of the characters in the book!

The benefits of reading a bedtime story

Reading stories at bedtime not only helps to encourage a reading habit and bed time routine, but has many more benefits:

  • Helps children help you relax and fall asleep. Reading time is the perfect culmination of the day, helping parent’s sign-out from the daily grind.
  • If children associate reading stories with a happy and positive time with their parents, it will contribute to children generating a positive relationship with books and reading.
  • Reading together before sleep strengthens family bonds and helps to create an environment of intimacy between parents and children, these are moments that you remember all your life!
  • The stories of each book can be helpful to inspire children. Often, stories can remind us of situations experienced our daily lives and vice versa. Being able to so see how different protagonists solve these issues can result in children being inspired and able to apply some of these ideas to their own lives.

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