Help children learn to read: Let’s play with letters!

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  Learning should be fun, so why not make learning letters a fun game which you can do at home? Here is a list of funny games to help children learn how to read:


The sack of letters

To develop your own sack of letters, you only need a cloth sack, stones, and a permanent marker. The game consists of putting stones with each of the letters of the alphabet (it is important to include more than one letter of each), into the sack. The children should try to build words using the stones/letters from the sack randomly.


The carpet of letters

In most toy stores you can find “carpet puzzle” foam, with which you can put letters on the floor at home. You simply encourage children to jump from letter to letter to form words, and doing exercise at the same time!


Magnet messages

In this game, the kids can leave little messages for mum and dad every morning before going to school. The messages will be spelled by using alphabet magnets- which are easy to get in general shops and online. With the use of these magnets to practise words, the fridge converts into a fun board for children to practice words.  

Which word start with which letter…?

The idea of this game is to create cardboard cards with all the letters of the alphabet. This game is the perfect exercise to help children becoming comfortable with associating letters and objects. If you create a cardboard card with each of the letters of the alphabet, children can go “marking” the objects of the house with the cardboard cards.    


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