Hello! We are The Story Tailors and we make personalized books for children!


Hello! Welcome to our first post! We are The Story Tailors, the authors of the personalized children’s storybooks “My Magic Story”. We started our special adventure some time ago, with a very clear mission: to create magical and endearing stories; to foster a love for reading; and to offer parents a fun and educational tool for the children in the house.

Original personalized books

Our personalized books are unique, because each of the stories are based on the letters of the children’s name or on a special date in their lives. The personalization of stories invites children to feel like the protagonists, being the main character of the story encourages children to be more interested in the book. In addition to its neat and colourful illustrations, the books highlight the importance of values ​​such as friendship, generosity, perseverance and teamwork.

Stories with loveable characters

A siren, a giant,  a dinosaur… Throughout the stories the children will meet endearing characters that will guide them on a magic and personalized adventure. Jessica, Katie, Leo or Freddie- No matter what the name is, there is a personalized book for each of them!

Magical tales in several languages

Currently, our bestseller, “The magic of my name”, is available in 8 languages, and we are working hard to allow the children of many other countries to have their My Magic Story personalized book.


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Let the magic be with you!

The Story Tailors

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