How do I get my child to read more?

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Reading is one of the best activities to stimulate our children’s minds. While reading, children not only learn about letters and words, but they develop many capacities, such as expression, concentration, creativity and imagination.

Many parents often wonder how they can get their children to read more, and more importantly, to develop a positive relationship with books and reading. If you want your child to foster a love for reading, take note of the following tips:


Books at their fingertips

If you want reading to become a habit, books need to be present in your child’s life. At home, it is important that children have a small library or reading corner, and you should invite your child to relax and read a book as an alternative to television, video games, tablets, etc.


There’s always a good time to receive a book

Christmas, birthdays, special occasions… Children are always happy to receive gifts and toys, and they often receive too many! If you can, talk to some of your family and friends to suggest giving books instead of so many toys.


Reading should never be a chore

If you want your child to read more, the solution is not to force them to do it. Being obliged to do something does not create a positive association. If your child thinks of reading as something playful, they will be much more likely to sit and enjoy their books at any time of the day.


Read together

We have said it before, and we will say it again! There is nothing more magical than a parent and child sitting down to share some quality reading time together. Spare some time (preferably before going to bed), to choose a story and read it with your little ones.


Monkey see, monkey do

It has been proven that parental “readers” transmit this habit almost imperceptibly to their children. If a child sees their parents reading regularly, they will develop a deeper interest in reading. This is because children usually imitate the behaviors they see at home.



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