Creators of personalised bedtime stories

Is there something more magical and wonderful than a child's imagination? The world of the smallest has no limits or borders. For the little ones everything is a game full of imagination and adventures. As we get older, we often forget how to play. It’s precisely the idea of ​​"being able to see life with the illusion and surprise of a child" that encouraged us to create this wonderful project

My Magic Story is the line of personalized books from The Story Tailors. The concept behind each book we offer is to create stories full of values ​​and positive attributes. All our personalized books are magical made to reinforce self-confidence and the promotion of education, through colourful illustrations and magic characters. Thanks to all these elements and the level of personalization of each book, children can live adventures full of imagination.

Not only the smallest of the house will enjoy our personalized stories, but also the whole family will be part of unforgettable moments. Bedtime stories have never been so exciting!

How everything started ...

Team of creators of personalized stories

Once upon a time, beyond 2015, a group of friends from different countries but all settled in Barcelona, ​​joined forces and knowledge to create something magical. They wanted to make a unique personalized book, the best one. Thanks to their experience and backgrounds in marketing, business development and children's entertainment, and together with many hours of hard working, they found the perfect and the most magical concept.

This is how "The magic of my name" was born, a personalized book based on the letters of the boy or girl's name. Each story is original, each book is different from all the others, it is unique, as each child is. This customisation element encourages children to feel like the protagonists of their own story, sparking an interest in, and love for, reading. In addition to its immaculate and colourful illustrations, the book teaches values such as friendship, generosity and perseverance. Both the characters and the positive attributes linked to the letters of their name are unique to each child …

No doubt, it was meant to be a magical gift that provokes smiles!

The book ended up being so special and unique that sold 100,000 units in his first year of life. The group of friends joined a larger team to grow the magic and reach children around the world. Currently the book is sold in more than 10 languages ​​and distributed in more than 18 countries.

Following our spirit and mission to create magical and endearing stories, new stories were born that continued to awaken smiles to the smallest (and their families). Our personalized stories are generated through a sophisticated algorithm that allows you to generate personalized stories by name, date or character, as if were magic!

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